Our highly educated Web Developers are specialized in the web application frameworks specialize in providing a wide range of website development services such as:

  • Static Web Application

  • Dynamic Web Application

  • Portal Web Application

  • Web Application With CMS

  • E-Commerce Website

  • Animated Web Application With Flash Technology

Website Development - ADS Group - ADS IT Solutions
Website Development - ADS Group - ADS IT Solutions




The website developed helps empowering trust between the client and his clients, and therefore, excellence and uniqueness in designing is the main key to attract site visitors to obtain the sufficient amount of information needed. As web development company, we know how vital online presence is for running a business and making it flourish, that’s why we provide fast, robust, scalable and affordable web solution services from planning and executing to delivering.

Website Optimization

  • We host website on best dedicated server

  • Optimize the size of images in the website

  • Reduce the number of plugins

  • Website should be secure with SSL Encryption

  • Minimum number of JavaScript and CSS files

  • Website caching

  • Database optimization in CMS

Website Optimization - ADS Group - ADS IT Solutions
Website Development - ADS Group - ADS IT Solutions

Custom Web Applications

Most of the times, a general off-the-shelf web solution might not fulfill the unique business requirements That’s when custom web development becomes critical for optimal results. We here at ADS IT TECHNOLOGY help you build tailored web application for your specific business needs. We design contextual UI/UX for better usability, select the appropriate architecture for best performance and write custom code to incorporate your complex and unique business logic in your web application.

E-Commerce Development

E-commerce development provides way more than a mere buying and selling platform. ADS IT TECHNOLOGY helps its customers building solutions for their retail store which piques their engagement and retention. We Provide visual-try-on, personalized recommendation, push notifications, conversational marketing (live chat, chat bots) and admin panel, and help client get all the state-of-the-art features that their retail e-commerce store needs. We also integrate and customize third-party tools for inventory management, supply chain management, shipment and order management, marketing, accounting and other admin tools, that provides our clients ease of managing their business. Another quality our clients get with our e-commerce portals is high scalability. We deploy their solutions on scalable servers and configure it with CDNs to handle the high load during traffic surge and reduce latency. Your customers get full-fledged in-store experience straight to their device’s screen with our ecommerce development.

E-Commerce Development - ADS Group - ADS IT Solutions

Website Hosting Servers

  • Web Hosting Dedicated Servers

  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Disk Space

  • Dedicated IP

  • Domain Registration

  • Professional Domain Emails

  • Unlimited Email Space

  • Automatic Increamental Backup

  • 99.9% Up Time