The high demand on Software Development is increasing day by day, in order to follow the development of global and local markets. The development in IT industries has changed market strategies such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Sales Force Automation, Inventory Management System, and E-commerce solutions. All companies, from small to large need these tools to manage their businesses. The ongoing development of technology allows adding value to business operations and makes software an indispensable tool for information sharing and processing. At the same time, it forces companies to make considerable money and human resource investments to keep their applications full-fledged and up-to-date.

Software Development - ADS Group - IT Solutions
Software Development - ADS Group - IT Solutions

ADS IT TECHNOLOGY provides the following expert software modernization services to help its customers cope with their legacy systems and bring them in line with the latest business needs and priorities:

  • Legacy migration to new apps

  • Legacy re-hosting and rearchitecturing

  • Legacy source code rewriting into a modern programming language

  • Seamless integration of new functionality into the existing system

The software modernization, if performed in a timely manner, allows companies to enjoy the benefits of a cutting-edge custom application, such as:

  • Maintenance cost reduction

  • Easy rollout of new features

  • Up-to-date user experience

  • Compliance with the business requirements

  • High application performance

  • Security protection

Software Development - ADS Group - IT Solutions
Software Development - ADS Group - IT Solutions


ADS IT TECHNOLOGY delivers reliability & stability in order to move according to the plans. We analyze the critical factors and shift the workload towards the cloud. It helps in data safety and security whereas it gives immense bandwidth and other resources in the business. Customer references, independent audits, and financial viability must all be verified. We master the art of being unique in this forum. From productivity apps and CRM application sets to software programs which manage cloud apps and positioning and enable the creation of hybrid clouds, software as a service (SAAS) is extremely vast and spread on a big scale.

Enterprise Software Development

We build custom enterprise applications for your company that engage your team and evolve with your business. Our technical expertise, proven methodologies, and program management guidelines allow us to efficiently steer application development projects throughout the various stages of the development life cycle.

Software Development - ADS Group - IT Solutions

Sales & Marketing

Through automation, timeliness and greater visibility, sales & marketing efforts see a massive overall boost.

Team Collaboration

In a smartphone obsessed world, secure on-demand communication is paramount for success.

HR & Training

Enhance company culture to be more inclusive & responsive. Improving quality of life leads to productivity.

Operation & Reporting

Automated workflows & intelligent reports help guide critical business decisions in a timely manner.